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Zoomdata Announces Global Reseller Agreement with SAP to Deliver New Data Visualization Product

SAP to resell Zoomdata core technology optimized for SAP, providing best-in-class big data analytics and real-time streaming BI as a managed service in the cloud

SAN MATEO, CA and SAP TECHED LAS VEGAS, NV – Oct. 2, 2018 –  Zoomdata, the company reinventing BI, today announced a global reseller agreement with SAP (NYSE: SAP) for its new SAP Data Visualization by Zoomdata, which is optimized to augment the existing SAP BI offerings. SAP Data Visualization by Zoomdata is delivered as a managed service in the cloud and provides business users with the ability to analyze real-time streaming and historical data, regardless of where the data resides.

“Organizations are holding themselves back from realizing value in investments designed to implement big data, streaming data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions. Zoomdata was purpose-built as a modern BI platform to handle big data, real-time streaming data and on-the-fly multisource analysis,” said Zoomdata CEO, Nick Halsey. “We are excited to partner with SAP to bring these capabilities into the SAP Analytics Hub, enabling customers to make better informed big data-driven decisions.”

Zoomdata enables:

Real-time Streaming Data—visualizes big data and live data seamlessly

  • Live Mode plays fresh data in near real-time as it’s pushed to the user from “fast data sinks”
  • Rather than force expensive full-query refreshes, Zoomdata pushes only incremental updates, conserving network and other resources
  • With Data DVR, business analysts can pause, rewind, and fast-forward through a real-time data stream

Big Data—architected for fast, direct interactions with multi-billion row datasets

  • Zoomdata’s intelligent BI Engine pushes down processing to high-performing data platforms, and can process user requests through a horizontally scalable platform when necessary
  • Smart Connectors are optimized for direct interaction with a variety of modern data platforms, and can issue native API calls when SQL isn’t available or adequate
  • With Data Sharpening™, Zoomdata streams results so users aren’t blocked waiting for a large query to finish, and can begin analyzing as the data takes shape and trends emerge

On-the-Fly Multisource Analysis

  • Zoomdata Fusion virtually combines multiple data sources so that they appear to the business user to be from a single source
  • Cross-source filtering allows business users to quickly apply common filters across visualizations that are populated by different data sources

"Our initiative with Zoomdata aims to deliver even greater value to customers and developers working with SAP Analytics solutions,” said Mike Flannagan, Senior Vice President, SAP Leonardo and Analytics. “Inserting Zoomdata’s platform into our existing BI ecosystem of solutions gives our global SAP customers a one-of-a-kind solution, offering game-changing capabilities, such as real-time streaming without the need to move data. We’re focused on providing the most complete solution for big data analytics in real-time streaming environments, which means data analytics finally runs at the speed of business decisions.”

Zoomdata will be at TechEd this week discussing the new partnership, along with other company news. Visit Zoomdata at booth #573.

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Zoomdata Announces Global Reseller Agreement with SAP to Deliver New Data Visualization Product

Zoomdata, the company reinventing BI announces a global reseller agreement with SAP for its new SAP Data Visualization by Zoomdata


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