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Zoomdata’s New High Definition Data Sharpening Delivers Results at the Speed of Thought Across Tens of Billions of Records

Next generation Big Data visual analytics require new levels of performance and responsiveness to support orders of magnitude more data

SAN MATEO, Calif., April 26, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zoomdata, developers of the world's fastest visual analytics platform for big data, today announced the industry’s first visualization platform capable of interactive speed-of-thought visualization and analysis against data sets of tens to hundreds of billions of records -- an order of magnitude greater than anything previously possible.

As the industry rapidly matures from the relational database era of tens of millions of records of structured transactional data to the first generation of Big Data with batch processing of hundreds of millions of rows of structured and unstructured interaction data, organizations today face the next generation of Big Data challenges -- processing tens to hundreds of billions of rows of structured, unstructured and streaming data. In this new age of observational data, customers face data volumes that are one to two orders of magnitude larger than ever before. Organizations Zoomdata is helping face this challenge include: 

A leading global investment bank who monitors real-time trades looking for anomalies and market opportunities with 10s-100s of billions of rows of data and tens of thousands of transactions per minute;

A U.S. government agency with 1,000 concurrent users, processing 4 petabytes of data, with 32,000 unique transactions per minute;

A telecommunications company relies on Zoomdata to monitor 330 million subscribers on a 24x7 basis across four continents to analyze tens of billions of observations;

A cybersecurity customer uses Zoomdata for cybercrime monitoring to protect more than five billion devices and applications, tracking hundreds of billions of observations;

A leading U.S. cable network uses Zoomdata to help it analyze set-top box traffic for tens of millions of subscribers, tracking 500 billion observations;

A leading advertising tracking services leverages Zoomdata for real-time advertising recommendations based on a total of 200 billion observations.

 “Zoomdata’s unique data sharpening technology addresses a key pinch point for queries spanning millions of records or more,” said Tony Baer, analyst at market research firm Ovum. “By using smart mathematics to partition problems down into micro-queries, line of business users need not worry that the hourglass will get in the way of gaining reliable insights, quickly, from big questions.”

Zoomdata is the first vendor to offer a platform that delivers interactive query and analysis capabilities for these next generation Big Data analytic applications. The latest release of Zoomdata brings unmatched performance with its breakthrough, patented high-definition data sharpening technology for visualizations and analytics for the next order of magnitude data.

Zoomdata customer Commprove processes more than 10 billion transactions daily in some production sites, monitoring more than 330 million subscribers in real time, across four continents. “We have been using Zoomdata 2.5 with its’ new High Definition Data Sharpening and are very impressed with the way it lets us do interactive analysis, even at this extraordinary data scale,” said Jean-Luc Gianduzzo, COO at Commprove.

“As our customers scale out their big data analytics solutions, Zoomdata’s new high definition data sharpening capabilities allow them to analyze increasingly larger data sets larger with split-second, even instant interactive analytics,” said Tyler Beecher, CEO of Trace3, a Zoomdata systems integration partner. “Trace3 and Zoomdata are committed to working together to stay at the cutting edge of big and fast data solutions that can provide competitive advantage for our joint customers.”

According to a March 22, 2017 report by Nomura Holdings of 50 CIOs in the U.S., enterprises are prioritizing big data analytics, cloud computing and security in their next budget cycles. Cloud computing and big data analytics will drive this increase in IT spending for more than 60 percent of the CIOs.

“Zoomdata has achieved a technology breakthrough in its visualization and analytics platform for big data by scaling our capabilities to tens of billions of records,” said Justin Langseth, CEO of Zoomdata. “That may sound like an impossibly large number, but think about a world of billions of data feeds from connected sensors in every device on our planet. This represents the next generation of Big Data. High definition data sharpening and streaming micro-queries is how we can overcome data volumes that boggle the mind so we can make better decisions at the speed-of-thought for any business.”

The Zoomdata platform also incorporates significant advances in enterprise data security. With delegated access to data secured at the source, large enterprises and technology companies can ensure that security restrictions and policies are uniformly enforced and audited across applications by modeling table, row and column security at the datastore. The introduction of delegated security within the Zoomdata Smart Connector framework and in particular the Zoomdata Smart Connector for Cloudera Impala, eliminate the need for enterprises to separately implement data access rules within Zoomdata.

Zoomdata closed a record year in 2016. Revenue grew 250% year over year, led by geographic and channel expansion, an ambitious series of Federal business initiatives and the closing of a $25 million Series C equity financing round led by Goldman Sachs’ Principal Strategic Investments Group. The company was also granted four new patents in support of its visualization of big and streaming data technology.

Zoomdata’s technology innovations also earned the company industry honors and awards. Zoomdata debuted in the visionary quadrant in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms and Gartner also named Zoomdata a 2016 Cool Vendor. In addition, the company was named a Ventana Research 2016 Technology Innovation Award for Operational Intelligence, and received the Top Ranking in the 2016 Annual Big Data Analytics Market Study from Dresner Advisory Services.

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Zoomdata’s New High Definition Data Sharpening Delivers Results at the Speed of Thought Across Tens of Billions of Records

Zoomdata has announced the industry's first visualization platform capable of interactive speed-of-thought visualization.


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