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Zoomdata Adds Big Data Power to ClickFox Journey Analytics

Embedded Modern Analytics For ClickFox Journey Watch

ClickFox embedded Zoomdata, the world’s fastest visual analytics platform for big data, into its new Journey Watch solution to better surface business opportunities from customer experience insights. Journey Watch analyzes customer journey use cases and important metrics emerge, such as channel of choice or channel hops. Zoomdata provides a fast and intuitive way to visualize and drill into these metrics and transform them into actionable insights. Using Zoomdata, customers can see these journey metrics in convenient, interactive dashboards.

Journey Watch Analytics
Digital Effectiveness Metrics

ClickFox connects an enormous amount of journeys--sequenced events along with business context about what a customer is trying to accomplish--for our clients. Zoomdata gave us an option to easily integrate an enterprise-scale solution that uses best-in-class technology to present visualizations and calculations in seconds on an absurd amount of customer journey data.

Al Mays, Chief Product Officer, ClickFox

Embedded Zoomdata Analytics for Journeys

By integrating Zoomdata’s big data visualization platform into the ClickFox, Hadoop-based data stack, ClickFox customers can quickly and easily see what’s working and what’s not. Zoomdata analytics can display journeys as layered maps, which enables users to easily examine their direct impact on business outcomes. Zoomdata’s patented DVR feature can play, pause, rewind, and fast forward top journeys, unique journeys, drop-off points, and next-step activity in any timeframe. Journeys have proven to be 30-percent more predictive than individual events for key business drivers such as improving customer satisfaction and reducing churn.

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The Zoomdata architecture integrates seamlessly with other applications. Whether simple white labeling or embedding more deeply via the Javascript API, Zoomdata makes it easy.

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ClickFox uses Zoomdata so its customers can quickly visualize journey analytics via interactive dashboards and act decisively on business opportunities.


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